March 03, 2015

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Our pathway brand designed specifically to help your school raise funds while students learn artistic skills.
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Find school supplies for teachers for free or very low cost. The Internet is the ideal place to help schools find the supplies and resources they desperately need.
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Worldwise Education (WE) harnesses the power of the marketplace with specialty consumer products that showcase student creativity and provide schools with extra funds for programs and supplies. When people buy WE products, schools receive a portion of the proceeds from the purchases. WE products are sold in school fundraisers, retail stores, online, and through other channels—including corporate sales.

For school fundraisers, WE provides the Artwork for Education program, where kids create art that appears on custom greeting cards. Every student gets published and every product shows how much you care about helping schools, as forty percent of every sale is paid directly to participating schools.

Hundreds of schools have benefitted so far. And for the school community, we are developing WExchange —an internet portal where teachers can access donated school supplies, instructional webcasts and interactive learning content.

We believe people, organizations, and corporations care about education and want opportunities to work together to enrich the lives of children while achieving their personal, professional and philanthropic goals. Our mission is to create these opportunities using products and services that generate sustainable income for schools and provide some of the resources they need to pay for educational materials and other supplies that are in critical need.

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